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  • Notes 0009

    Rough notes from the NFT Archeology twitter space with Adam McBride, on September 23rd. Adam McBride has read through 30,000+ etherscans How many older projects still out there? Maybe 100 from 2016 A good number from 2017 Maybe a couple from 2018 Some pixel projects from 2017 aren’t being released. People are “pixeled out.” DouglassNFT …

  • Notes 0007

    Rough notes from Rug Radio twitter space with Farokh, John Knopf, DeeZe, Peter Jennings, Vie, Justin Taylor, fungibles, Daramola, Oveck, 5511, cory.eth, 3LAU, Jesse Powell & more (on the evening of Sept. 17, 2021) deadfellaz lonelyaliens working on some casino type stuff working on own currency? janky heist low-ish floor supposedly working on something bigger …

  • Notes 0006

    Quick notes from twitter space with Gary Vee and gmoney on September 15th, 2021. This post does not constitute an endorsement of the ideas/statements herein. Gary says the good projects are still wildly underpriced Says Curio Cards are underpriced VeeFriends underpriced Says he’s going to spend his life making sure holders win Too many people …