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  • Notes 0008

    Rough notes from the OhhShiny Show twitter space (these are being posted with some delay; unsure of when these were taken, but the information is still relevant as of the post date, even if not timely). Dave Krugman drop, sold out! Car photos for ten years Cars very collectible Stressful when floor goes up and …

  • Notes 0007

    Rough notes from Rug Radio twitter space with Farokh, John Knopf, DeeZe, Peter Jennings, Vie, Justin Taylor, fungibles, Daramola, Oveck, 5511, cory.eth, 3LAU, Jesse Powell & more (on the evening of Sept. 17, 2021) deadfellaz lonelyaliens working on some casino type stuff working on own currency? janky heist low-ish floor supposedly working on something bigger …